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3 Effective Ways to Control Cockroaches

Are you looking forward to cockroaches infesting your home? No, neither are we, which is why we've posted these ways you can ensure cockroach infestations don't stick around.

German cockroaches are one common roach problem throughout the United States. They're bound to end up near your Westchester home if you aren't careful. These excellent stowaways can end up in your purse, grocery bag, or the turnups of your jeans. These little critters are about 1/2 inch long and can lay around 40 eggs at a time in their egg cases, or ootheca.

American cockroaches are another infamous invader, sizing around 1-2 inches long, colored with a reddish-brown hue, and laying approximately 16 eggs at a time. Both American and German roaches shed their exoskeletons around six times to allow new growth, leave their ootheca egg cases in the house, deposit their feces like black pepper in their hiding places, all of which can cause allergic reactions, and contaminate food with everything they've touched while they were in the sewer or the garbage.

Restore your peace of mind throughout the holidays to settle your worries about these critters. We've got some effective tips to help you prevent and get rid of roaches from the cracks and crevices of your Westchester home.

Home Cockroach Management

1. Get Rid of Cockroach Entry Points

It's pretty tough to seal your home from roaches completely, but every little effort you make will go a long way in your home protection and narrow down the possible entry locations they use, mainly because roaches can flatten their bodies to fit into even the smallest crack. Follow these tips to stop them coming as best you can:

Purchase silicone caulking and similar products and find cracks around windows and doors, especially ground-level windows and cracks around sill plates and other locations along the foundation. Place weather-stripping around your home and door sweeps under exterior doors, and make sure garage and shed doors seal completely.

Since roaches can lay multiple eggs at a time, and because cockroaches have a higher chance of survival when they're safe in your home, roach populations can positively skyrocket in extremely short amounts of time, which makes your efforts to block them from coming inside vital.

2. Clean Roach Hiding Spots

Cockroach Cuisine

Cockroaches eat almost anything, like the regular foods like meat products and dairy products, vegetables and fruit, but they also are perfectly willing to chow down on human waste, dead skin and hair follicles, dried blood, other cockroaches or insects, and their own molts. They can live for months without any food source at all, which means your efforts to make sure they aren't eating your food will make a significant difference in cockroach control.

If cockroaches can't find anything to eat inside your house, then they don't have any motivation to find a way inside, which is why cleaning up everywhere is vital to fighting off roaches. Store all your food, especially the smelly kinds, in hard containers with a seal, not plastic bags, and place them on shelves where it's harder for them to gain access. Sure, cockroaches can climb pretty well, but why make it easier for them, and why not control exactly where they can find food?

Clean the kitchen and eating areas before and after every meal, and never eat outside of the kitchen because you never know what food particles might be in the carpet for a roach to find at night. Clean the entire kitchen of even the smallest crumbs after every meal, and never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Empty the garbage cans every night or purchase garbage bags with a special seal that keeps cockroaches away at night when they forage for food.

Pick up your property of all fruit and vegetables, and clean fallen leaves and branches, and if you compost, especially food compost, place the pile on a platform raised at least one foot off the ground and either entirely covered with a waterproof covering or fenced in with thick wire mesh that roaches can't squeeze through. Make sure compost piles and outdoor garbage containers are at least 20 feet from your home and make sure the garbage is covered with a lid that tightly seals.

Favorite Roach Hiding Spots

If you let the roaches hide, they will leave their molts and fecal matter where they can rot and eventually cause allergic reactions, and they will breed at extremely fast rates: females will have locations to deposit their ootheca shells and safe places where they can scurry when you turn on the lights.

They have a strong survival instinct that forces them to do whatever it takes to remain out of sight, even if it means going hungry and thirsty for a while. Always wear personal protective equipment when you look for roach evidence.

Maybe you've only seen one roach so far, but that's a sure and certain sign that you have a significant roach problem. Because they like to hide so much during the day, if you see even one roaming around, it's because all the other hiding spots are full to the brim with cockroaches, and the one you see happened to be forced out by the others.

The best hiding spots for cockroaches include areas with food in them that have plenty of nooks for them to squeeze into, like food cupboards and pantries or utility cabinets with leaking water pipes. Make sure they don't have any water sources by repairing and drying these locations as well.

Kitchen appliances are prime hiding places as well, so clean inside, underneath, and around all appliances: refrigerators and freezers, stoves, ovens, microwaves, toaster ovens, blenders, food processors, and bread makers. Be sure that not even a greasy crumb remains for a roach to find because even the tiniest leftovers will entice them to come.

Roach Evidence

  • Egg cases
  • Exoskeletons
  • Roach poop
  • Musty smell

3. Cockroach Killers

There are plenty of effective products out there for most pests, but roaches are tricky because they are extremely hardy and resistant to many different products. The ones we recommend for do-it-yourself roach killers include boric acid, insect growth regulators, gel bait, and diatomaceous earth to kill roaches.

Insect growth regulators are a chemical you can purchase online or at a garden and farm supply or hardware store and prevent cockroaches and other insects from reproducing and growing between each stage of life. No matter what size the roach population is, this product will definitely stop the population growth.

Boric acid is used in numerous products that are already in your home, mostly cleaners and detergents and stain removers. You can purchase these online or from your local hardware store. But be careful where you apply the dust. It could cause adverse reactions in children, the elderly, or pets, so avoid dusting around air vents and areas children or pets usually play.

Diatomaceous earth is like a crazy combination of glass and kitty litter because it cuts into the roach's exoskeleton and slowly dehydrates them until they die, which can require a long time, between ten days to three weeks or more, depending on the roach.

Gel bait and bait stations are great for smaller roach populations because the cockroaches find and eat the bait without realizing that it's killing them slowly. The main downside is that if there are large numbers of roaches to eradicate, it can require lots of bait to get rid of them.

Professional Cockroach Elimination

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Posted on January 1, 2020.

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