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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall

Fall in Westchester County, New York is a beautiful time. The weather is cooling off after the heat of summer, but it is still nice enough to spend time outdoors. One thing that makes New York autumns less fun is the pests. Most pests don’t like cold weather and relish the chance to invade your warm home.

Don’t let pests bring down your fall. In this article, we discuss the many ways you can keep pests out of your home this season. Also, you can always call Fox Pest Control to take care of any pest problems for you. We’re happy to do the work so that you can enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Five DIY Ways to Keep Fall Pests Out

  • Spray an over the counter pest control spray
    Over-the-counter products can help to keep some pests at bay. At most hardware stores, you will be able to find sprays safe for the inside of your home . However, keep in mind that these products will not be nearly as strong as the commercial products used by professional pest control companies. You may have to apply the product more often, or some bugs may still slip through as the weather gets colder.
  • Seal the entrances to your home
    An entrance to your home does not just mean the doorways. Entrances for pests could be cracks in the walls or foundations, the space around windows, or even attic spaces. If you want to be sure that your New York home is free of pests this fall, ensure to seal off anywhere a pest can enter your home.
  • Clean up your yard and gutters
    Even if pests live outside most of the year, they can decide to enter your home as a convenient source of warmth during the fall. The best way to ensure they don’t find their way into your house is by removing all their sources of shelter. Fall is a time for leaves and other debris, and you should keep your gutters, windows, and doorways clear of this clutter if you want to keep your house free of fall pests.
  • Fix any leaks
    Pests need water, and many are attracted to water sources. This is why you so often find pests around water heaters or under the sink. In order to keep your home free of water-loving pests, fix any leaks and completely dry out your cabinets and any standing water.
  • Store food properly
    Most pests like human food as much as we do. So, food open to the air on your counters or in your cabinets, many pests will take that as an invitation to visit. No one wants to feed an entire population of pests, especially during the winter when food is scarce for them and they come in droves to consume yours. This is why it is so essential to keep your food in sealed containers and clean up any extra food.

Why You Need Fox Pest Control

Although most of the DIY pest control solutions work well, they do not replace the work of a pest control professional. Pest control companies like Fox Pest Control have access to higher powered and more efficient treatments. Additionally, our technicians at Fox Pest Control receive a high level of training in order to spot signs of pest infestations and can seal even the smallest entry hole.

So, if you truly want to keep fall pests out of your New York home, you need to contact Fox Pest Control today. Get $50 off your next service here.

Posted on September 26, 2019.

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